Subscription services

Subscription servicing of a company's activities for safe business conduct include:

  • Advice on security of management and staff of the company;
  • Analysis and recommendations on concluded contracts;
  • Recommendations for the selection of candidates for work at a company;
  • Basics of legal protection of company and relationships with regulatory and fiscal authorities;
  • Compilation of information business notes on contractors;
  • Protection from non-commercial intelligence and unfair competition;
  • Finding organizations and companies that collect information;
  • Revealing information leakage channels;
  • Recommendations for the protection of information being a trade secret;
  • Conducting a series of measures to detect and halt unfair competition.

Price list for the services of Subscription Services of a company:
Development of security concept of company and individual business types from 2,000 UAH
Complex services of the company activities for the safe conduct of business subscription fee from 2,500 UAH.
Compilation of information business note from 1,500 UAH
Protection from non-commercial intelligence and unfair competition from 10,000 UAH
Organization of checking and recommendations on the selection of personnel
(per 1 candidate)
from 200 UAH
Check of materially responsible employees using the polygraph/lie detector from 800 UAH for 1 person
Organization and holding of closed meetings, negotiations and presentations from 1,000 UAH per hour